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a story out of this world


Rani was born in the US two months before Apollo’s final mission to the moon, hence his early life was heavily influenced by the “moon-age”. His passion and research interest for space led him to become an avid reader of the space program literature.


After graduating from the Israel Air Force, he took a particular interest in reaching a fifth of the altitude needed to reach outer-space. Furthermore, he has a background in Film and Television which he studied at Tel-Aviv University thereby mastering the art of storytelling. 


This combination of his power of storytelling and his prowess as a flight specialist gives him the ability to describe the journey to the moon. 


Rani is a talented film maker who for many years has produced and directed several short films. Over the years he has become an expert educator with a true talent for capturing an audience with passionate and innovative performances. 


Haven spent 25 years in the aviation industry with decades of experience as a teacher, Rani seeks to create spectacular moving performances that will leave you spellbound and glued to  your screens.

The Eagle has landed - Neil Armstrong
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