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a story out of this world

Take off earth

The voyage to the moon 

         an incredible adventure  

On May 25 1961 President Kennedy spoke to Congress about the importance of a long range exploration of space. In his few words he described a classic quest- a call to action of the sheer spectacular nature of a story to the moon and back.


He knew the importance of breathlessly attaching a story to our quest. He knew that if we are to conquer space we need a story to tell.


Join me as we take a marvelous ride on the greatest story of the 20th century ever:


This is a fascinating lecture tracing the incredible adventure to the moon and back. It tells an entertaining and engaging story that seeks to bring the Moon to your offices, conferences, businesses and organizations through unique imagery and storytelling. An unparalleled and compelling personal point of view on our - humankind’s - journey, not bounded by Earth’s gravity for the first time. It lavishly illustrates the amazing technological achievement, the personal stories, the tremendous successes and the bitter disappointments. The great excitement entangled with staggering complexity and spectacular beauty - all experienced through an elaborate well researched visually captivating show.

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