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a story out of this world

the Lecture

In our journey to the moon, we will explore the voyage through various angles and fascinating stories: early imagining of what the moon will be like, from there to the competition between global superpowers as the driver for the journey, an orchestrated effort coordinating hundreds of thousands of people working together all over the globe, a visionary president sweeping an entire nation to commit to the Moon landing, stirring emotions of people who were there when it happened, resounding failures and wonderful recoveries- until we get to the moon.

No doubt, the story of humankind's journey to the Moon is the most incredible campaign in history. It is a story laced with great vision, utmost determination, fierce competition, tremendous innovation, brilliant creativity, admirable management and outstanding organized teamwork featuring heroic astronauts, savvy rocket scientists, enthusiastic reporters and a global audience.

Time Frame

This lecture is a fun watch for anyone, it beautifully illustrates the power of story telling designed to inspire while facilitating productive dialogue to help organizations and businesses in their perpetual self improvement process.

Length may be adjusted according to target audience and organizational goals

Suggested time: 75 minutes

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